Membership Criteria

Become a member of Privilege Club to get exclusive access to our exceptional services, privileges and experiences like no other.

Over one year of patronage:

Customers have to reach the Eligible Charges, which refer to HK$6,000 or above total charges paid for the past or accumulated 12 months as shown in the monthly bills, including 6 monthly bills each with payable charges of HK$500 or above.*

Less than one year of patronage:

Customers have to reach the Eligible Charges, which refer to at least 6 monthly bills, each of which with payable charges of HK$500 or above.*

Subscription to Designated 5G Service Plan or “Supreme” – Global Service Plan

*Eligible Charges are calculated on a per-account basis, based on the mobile service monthly invoice amount, including value-added services, thereafter charge, IDD and roaming service charges, excluding handset offer prepayment being rebated in any form, the bill amount from Google Play Direct Carrier Billing and/or Apple Services Direct Carrier Billing.

Membership is not applicable to corporate customers.
Privilege Club membership will be terminated if member change the account ownership during the membership period.
Terms and Conditions apply. CMHK reserves the right to modify or end the offers and promotions, amend the terms and conditions of the offers and promotions at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes, CMHK reserves the right to make final decision.


  • What is Privilege Club?
    Privilege Club is a loyalty program of China Mobile Hong Kong.
  • How to become Privilege Club member?
    If you fulfil the membership criteria indicated in above, you will automatically be invited to become a Privilege Club member.
  • Where can I find my Privilege Club e-membership card?
    Download and log in to MyLink App, then enter the Privilege Club member zone to view your e- membership card.
  • When will my Privilege Club Membership expire?
    Your membership is valid for one year from the effective date. The expiration date is stated on your e-membership card.
  • Will my Privilege Club membership be renewed automatically?
    If you are still fulfilled with the membership criteria in above when your current membership ends, the new membership will be effective automatically within 3 days after the end of your current membership.
  • What privileges are Privilege Club members entitled to?
    Privilege Club members can enjoy a series of exclusive and selected privileges, privileged services and lifestyle experience.
  • Which hotline should I call to inquire about Privilege Club?
    You can call our China Mobile Hong Kong customer service hotline at +852 12580.